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Motivational Speaker

A speech by Joseph will accelerate your personal growth and passion. Hear how Joseph has used his personal experiences to become a successful software consultant, business owner, and speaker. Due to a speech impediment, he spent his elementary school years in speech therapy. The focus went away from speaking to focusing on the education and pronouncing of words. Being made of fun only made him not talk at times. Even as an adult, he was told that with his accent, a client would not understand him, which he has never had. These experiences made him focus on being a better speaker. The motivation has pushed him to continue to raise the bar on his speaking talents.
As part of his international travel, he has done training and speaking engagements in front of audiences in the United States, Canada, Germany, England, India, and Australia. These have been for global companies, governments, and universities.
He has been a featured speaker at Les Brown Power Voice Summit. The event features students who have been part of Les Brown Power Voices training program.

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