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About Joseph E. Preston, LLC

When your heart is filled with a passion for motivating others, every conversation becomes an opportunity to inspire. For those whose dreams and thoughts revolve around the art of speaking, it's an undeniable calling. Being a speaker isn't merely about delivering words; it's about igniting change within an audience, enlightening them with valuable insights. Each speech isn't just a presentation; it's a precious teaching moment, carefully crafted to resonate with listeners during conferences and events.


In the act of speaking, I perceive the chance to sow seeds of wisdom, nurturing the potential for growth within each member of the audience. It's a heartfelt endeavor, aimed at nurturing minds and empowering individuals to flourish beyond the confines of the moment.

The pursuit of happiness often sought out by companies and individuals, has its challenges. Technology has been a benefit, as well as a barrier.  Creating that bridge of building and maintaining relationships sounds cliche' but yet it is so important. Technology can't fix relationships.  Every audience is deserving of seeing the possibilities for continued connections.  

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