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A dynamic speaker who will bring energy and excitement to your audience. Joseph uses the lessons learned in his 28 years of working in corporate, government and nonprofit industries in areas of leadership, business development, teamwork, communication, sales and coaching. In his career, he has worked in the areas of accounting, finance, SAP and Workday ERP software systems, consulting, project management, sales and grants. As part of his international travel, he has done trainings and speaking engagements in front of audiences in United States, Canada, Germany, England, India, and Australia.


  1. Perform, Excel, Achieve & Live – How to perform at an optimal level in life. Balancing the work and life without sacrificing yourself

  2. Hit the Widget – How a breakdown in communication can impact an entire organization. How to improve communication in the new virtual world.  How to work to open channels and keep those channels open. 

  3. Selling Sand in the Desert – How to sell products in a crowded marketplace. How to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

  4. Navigating without GPS - How to deal with unplanned changes in your business. Making a road map for the future based on new directions in business. Stay in the forefront of technology changes.

  5. I to We to Team to Dream Team – How to transform a me first environment into a team oriented high-performance organization. Understanding how to remove the barriers that prevent team building and teamwork.

  6. The Juggler – Managing all the priorities that can impact your life and business. The difference between juggling balls and chainsaws. When you are not able to determine how to prioritizes tasks.

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